Preparation and Characterization of Materials with Electronic Correlations

Search for novel materials

The search for novel materials with electronic correlations is an important part or our present research. In collaboration with different groups we systematically scan the available literature resources and databases. Earlier studies of our team were centred on transition metal compounds with low dimensionality. In such systems charge and orbital ordering can lead to interesting properties.

More recently we investigate nanostructured materials and compounds where relevant length scales in the range of 3 nm – 100 nm exist. Filled buckyball like structure with magnetic degrees of freedom have been prepared and investigated in collaboration with Mats Johnssohn and Sven Lidin from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Stockholm.

Composites and multilayers of ferroelectric and ferromagnetic components are presently studied using Raman scattering and other techniques. Collaborations within the TU Braunschweig, with the team in Stockholm and the group of R.K. Kremer, MPI-FKF Stuttgart exist. Complementary investigations on spinel compounds with intrinsic multiferroic effects lead to an improved understanding on the basic relation between polar distortions and the electronic structure of the systems.










Following weighting-in and thorough mixing the oxidic preproducts are sintered in an oven and characterized using different techniques. To grow single crystals the powders are molten adding a flux.



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