Light scattering of magnets
in the proximity to quantum criticality


Revevant t2g orbitals in the layered transition metal oxide TiOCl
and their orientation within the ab plane of the system..


In the investigation of quantum critical spin systems light scattering experiments prove to be especially useful due to their high sensitivity and spectral resolution that perfectly match the relevant energy scales of the interrelated phonon, orbiton and spin system. The observed low energy collective excitations play an important role characterizing fluctuations of the system. Furthermore, often spin or orbital related phonon anomalies are observed that include important symmetry information. The use of this experimental technique will be demonstrated on three model systems.


Light scattering of magnets in the proximity to quantum criticality,
P. Lemmens, in „Spectroscopy of Emergent Materials“,
Kluver Intern. Press, New York, (2004),



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