the "Rackeve Lectures" on

Experimental Aspects of Spin Liquids

held at the European Graduate School/College on
Electron-Electron Interaction in Solids

Budapest/Marburg, 2005


In this lecture basic as well as advanced experimental aspects of correlated electron systems and spin liquids will be discussed. All examples concern transition metal oxides (TMO) and halides.

We will discuss the chemistry of TMOs, structural schemes, and the excitations of systems close to a quantum critical point. Concepts of frustration in terms of degenerate energy states, doping, phase separation, short range order, dimensionality and geometrically frustrated systems will be briefly described.

These notes of the “Rackeve lecture” at the Workshop of the European Graduate School (Budapest-Marburg) on Quantum Magnetism in April 2005 are intended to give a pictorial and entertaining introduction into the field.

Download of the lecture manuscript.



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