Dr. Peter Lemmens

A one day Symposium on

Raman Scattering in Advanced Materials

RSAM 2017


Friday, 25.8.2017, 11.00, Physics Center, TU-BS, Braunschweig

Mendelssohnstr. 3. 38106 Braunschweig

The focus of this short one day meeting is on recent results and developments in the use of Raman scattering in state of the art material science, instrumentation, and metrological aspects. We emphasize the presentation of recent projects / data and not so much well established and published materials.



Preliminary Program: (to be changed on short notice)

11.00 Wellcome

11.05 D. Wulferding, TU-BS, (20+05) Fractional excitations of the topological Haldane phase

11.30 Ch. Meyer, V. Moshnyaga, Uni Göttingen, (20+10) Tip enhanced RS in the Real World

12.00 Youngsu Choi, CAU, Soul, (20+10) Substitution effects in topological materials

12.30 – 14.00 Lunch break and Lab visits:

14.00 M. Minola, MPI-FKF Stuttgart, (20+10) Raman scattering from nickelate thin films

14.30 S. Merten, Uni Göttingen, (20+10) Surface-enhanced RS on oxide films

15.00 H. Gretarsson, MPI-FKF Stuttgart, (20+10) Raman scattering from iridates

15.30 Liu Bo (TU-BS), (10+5) Metrological Aspects of Raman scattering

15.45 P. Ksoll, Uni Göttingen, (10+5) Raman microscopy for MAD-3D technology

16.00 P. Lemmens, TU-BS, (10+5) Topological effects in Weyl semimetals

16.15 Panel Discussion and break, (30) Recent developments in advanced materials, instrumentation and metrological aspects of Raman scattering

16.45 Raman Lab Visits

17.30 Social Program


Place: MS3.1, Lecture Hall of the Physics center of the TU-BS, or the smaller seminar room nearby, Mendelssohnstr. 3. 38106 Braunschweig.

Social Program: After the symposium we plan a barbeque in the backyard of the physics building.

Contact: P. Lemmens, Inst. Physik Kond. Materie, p.lemmens@tu-bs.de, please contact Manuela Bosse or Axel Paschke for help with hotels.

We acknowledge support by DFG within DFG Le967/15 and DFG GrK 1952 NanoMet, Web and Land Niedersachsen QuanoMet.

- Inst. Condensed Matter Physics, TU-BS; Inst. Physik Kondensierter Materie Web
- Nahverkehr/Tram: Mainstation - Mozartstrasse (or exit Bahnhof Gliessmarode)
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