DFG - CRC / SFB 1363 - QuantiFy,
Counting Molecules for Concentration
Referee meeting with positive feedback (19.9.2018).

Funding decision of the DFG-Senate still pending.

Project A03 - B. GŁttler, B. Lalkens, P. Lemmens, TU-BS and PTB

Introduction (preliminary) - Project A03

Within this project suitable concepts for hybrid nanosystems for specific, SERS-based detection and quantification of essential biomarkers will be investigated. For example, DNA origami will be used to optimise self-assembling processes of these systems. The spectroscopic tools shall be utilised as instruments to establish SI-traceable, quantitative concentration measurements of complex clinical markers such as proteins at low and ultra-low concentration levels in natural matrices such as blood serum. The proposal has been suggested for funding. The decision of the DFG-Senate will be announced in Novembre 2018.  


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