Spin - Orbit - Topology, P. Lemmens and P. Millet

Spin - Orbit - Topology, a triptych

P. Lemmens and P. Millet


Transition metal oxides that realize s=1/2 or s=1 quantum spin systems with low dimensionality or geometrically restricted connectivity are often described using simple concepts.

We discuss superexchange rules, the realization of depleted or open topologies using the lone pair concept and the effect of charge/orbital ordering.

We will give a brief overview of important materials trying to highlight systematic dependencies with respect to structural and electronic elements or properties of copper-oxygen, vanadium-oxygen and titanium-oxygen coordinations.


Spin – Orbit – Topology, a triptych, P. Lemmens and P. Millet, in
“Quantum Magnetism“, Eds. U. Schollwöck, et al., Springer, Heidelberg (2004).

preprint (Springer, only for personal use)



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