Open positions

These announcements are intended to promote open positions related to HFM and systems with competing interactions.


8. Announcement, 19.02.2008

Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel - University of Nantes/CNRS France

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Postdoctoral research position in solid state chemistry

"Synthesis and characterization of inorganic materials with unusual magnetic properties "

A postdoctoral position in solid state chemistry is available at the “Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel” (University of Nantes/CNRS, France). The focus will be on the synthesis and the characterization of low dimensional and frustrated magnetic materials (e.g. transition metal oxides and sulfides). A range of synthetic methodologies will be employed for such inorganic phases and characterization will involve powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction, chemical analyses, SQUID magnetometry.... The work will be carried out in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory of our Institute ( which is well equipped for investigations in the solid state.

The proposed start date is September 1st or October 1st, 2008. Applicants should have ideally experience in solid state synthesis, and in some of the characterization methods listed above.

The funding of the postdoctoral fellowship is for one year. The terms of employment will be in accordance with those of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) with a net income of about 2000 € per month. Applicants must  have a PhD degree for less than two years (see for further detail). There are no nationality restrictions.

Candidates should send a CV and a letter of motivations by the end of March 2008. Pr. C. Payen and Dr. Stéphane Jobic can be contacted by email (christophe.payen at, stephane.jobic at for further detail.


7. Announcement, 25.05.2007

FACULTEIT WETENSCHAPPEN – Vakgroep Anorganische en Fysische Chemie
Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent, België,

Vacature voor assistent
Binnen de vakgroep Anorganische en Fysische Chemie wordt een assistentenmandaat open gesteld met ingang van 1 Oktober 2007 en met de onderstaande functie-eisen en functie-inhoud. Het betreft een mandaat van twee jaar dat, mits motivering en gunstig advies van de vakgroepraad, tweemaal kan verlengd worden. De totale duur kan derhalve zes jaar bedragen met een bruto begin-jaarwedde van 33.825 Euro. Van de kandidaat wordt verwacht dat hij/zij Nederlandstalig is of het Nederlands voldoende beheerst om bijstand te verlenen bij het onderwijs van de vakgroep ( Tijdens dit assistentschap zal de kandidaat een doctoraal onderzoek afwerken door te participeren in de activiteiten van de onderzoeksgroep voor Vaste Stof Chemie en Keramische Supergeleiders van de hoger vermelde vakgroep, onder het promotorschap van Prof. S. Hoste. Het onderzoek dat de kandidaat zal uitvoeren, kadert binnen een recent toegekend IUAPproject “INANOMAT” dat onderzoek naar de fundamentele fysicochemische eigenschappen van systemen in “gel”-toestand beoogt. Het betreft anorganische systemen (multi-metaaloxide-precursoren) die mits minimale energie-input kunnen omgezet worden tot keramische structuren met specifieke toepassingen en morfologie. De onderzoeksgroep waarbinnen dit project wordt uitgevoerd bezit uitgebreide instrumentatie en ruime internationale erkenning op het voorgestelde onderzoeksdomein.
- Diploma van master of licentiaat in de wetenschappen: chemie of diploma van burgerlijk
scheikundig ingenieur of diploma van burgerlijk materiaalkundig ingenieur.
- Goede communicatieve en didactische vaardigheden voor het verstrekken van praktische
oefeningen aan relatief grote groepen studenten.
- Uitgesproken interesse voor de ontwikkeling van hoogtechnologische anorganische materialen strekt tot aanbeveling.
- Bijstand bij het onderwijs van de vakgroep
- Wetenschappelijk onderzoek in het gebied van de anorganische chemie – vaste stofchemie ter voorbereiding van een doctoraat.” (min 50% van de tijdsbesteding)
Kandidaten worden verzocht hun curriculum aan de vakgroepvoorzitter – promotor te bezorgen op het onderstaande adres. Deze oproep zal tevens in het Belgisch staatsblad verschijnen. Voor bijkomende inlichtingen kan u steeds terecht bij de promotor.
Prof. dr. Serge Hoste
phone 32-9-264 44 21
fax 32-9-264 49 83


6. Announcement, 15.07.2007

Post-Doc position (2-3 years)
Optical Manipulation of Magnetic Heat Transport in
Low Dimensional Quantum Magnets

The Optical Condensed Matter Physics group of the Materials Science Center at
the University of Groningen

The Optical Condensed Matter Physics group of the Materials Science Center at the University of Groningen is offering a post-doctoral position for an Experimental Condensed Matter Scientist. The successful candidate will join a new European project on magnon heat transport in low dimensional quantum magnets (NovMag, This recently discovered new mode of heat transport opens new possibilities for heat management in devices, and in particular manipulation of heat conductivity through optical methods. The experimental tasks include time and space resolved spectroscopic studies of magnetic excitations using state of the art Raman, IR and Femtosecond spectroscopy, as well as thermal mapping of single crystals, thin films and relevant nano-devices using spectroscopic techniques.
Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, or Materials Science with a solid background in condensed matter physics. Experience in optical spectroscopy (Raman and/or time resolved) and/or in quantum magnetism would be beneficial.
For more information on this position please contact Prof. Paul van Loosdrecht, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG Groningen, The Netherlands. Email:, Tel. +31 50 363 8149. Website:
Applications, including a curriculum vitae and a list of publications can be send to Prof. P.H.M. van Loosdrecht. By mail: University of Groningen, department of solid state physics, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG Groningen, The Netherlands. By email:


5. Announcement, 22.10.2006

Job announcement – PhD in Chemistry, Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry University of Ghent, 9000 Ghent, Belgium 

1. A research position is made available in the department within the framework of a project funded by the Belgian Federal Government on Science Policy called “CHEMAT”, contract nr. P2/00/03. The position is aimed at obtaining a PhD in Chemistry and starts, with a contract for three consecutive years, on March 1st 2007. The research subject covers the development and study of suitable chemistries in aqueous media for the production of gel-based electroceramics (e.g. superconductors, piezo-electrics, battery-components) to be deposited as coatings on different metallic, ceramic and polymeric substrates and intended for applications in energy storage and energy distribution. There are no teaching responsibilities attached to this contract.

Applicants must possess a masters degree in Chemistry, Materials Chemistry or Chemical
Engineering, demonstrate good research abilities, preferably in the field mentioned above and are requested to provide their CV to the address given below by December 15th 2006. Applicants should possess fluency in English demonstrated by one of the following criteria: a TOEFL paper based score of 580 or TOEFL Internet Based (IBT) score of at least 90 or an AIELTS score of at least 6,5 or a Cambridge “Certificate in Advanced English” or any other equivalent credential. The estimated yearly salary before taxes is around 50 KEuro. 

2. A position as university research assistant in the department is made available for a period of 2 years, twice renewable when favourably evaluated (six years in total) and starting on February 2nd 2007 and with the aim of obtaining a PhD. The applicant is expected to perform research in the field of synthesis of high temperature superconducting oxides using aqueous sol-gel chemistry and applying thermodynamic principles to the structural elucidation of the growth mechanism of the deposited superconducting coatings. Furthermore, the candidate is expected to perform teaching duties in assisting students reading General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry for approximately 30% of his/here time.

Applicants must possess a masters degree in Chemistry, Materials Chemistry or Chemical
Engineering, read, write and speak Dutch fluently and are requested to provide their CV to
the address given below by December 15th 2006. Estimated yearly salary before taxes is
around 50 KEuro. Information on this job announcement will become available soon in the
Belgian Official Journal.


Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
University of Ghent, Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
phone 32-9-264 44 21, fax 32-9-264 49 83,,

Prof. dr. Serge Hoste
Head of the Department


4. Announcement, 17.10.2006

POSTDOC and PHD POSITION at the University of Technology (TU) Braunschweig, Inst. Physics of Condensed Matter, group of Prof. Lemmens

"Raman spectroscopy of strongly correlated  and multifunctional systems

Our group is active in different research programs of the German and the European Science Foundation (DFG and ESF) than concern the field of material research and magnetism. The investigated materials are based on transition metal ions in oxide/halide coordinations and realize molecular or frustrated magnets and multifunctional or multiferroic systems as composites, layered systems and single crystals. Our main experimental techniques are Raman scattering and ultrasound spectroscopy.

Profile :

Experimental physicist
Experience in optical spectroscopy, Raman scattering.
Experience in magnetism/transition metal oxides is appreciated.

Applications (including a detailed CV) should be addressed to:

Peter Lemmens, Inst. Phys. Cond. Matter, TU Braunschweig, Mendelssohnstr. 3, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany, email :, 49 (0)531 5133



3. Announcement, 3.4.2006

POSTDOC POSITION at Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Pulsés (Toulouse)

"Thermoelectricity in high magnetic field in strongly correlated systems"

We wish to study open questions in strongly correlated electron system in collaboration with different laboratories in France: ESPCI (K. Behnia) in Paris, CRTBT (J.P. Brison et P. Rodière) and SPSMS (J. Flouquet) in Grenoble. We plan to perform thermoelectricity measurements in high magnetic field on heavy fermions where we wish to study hidden order or metamagnetic transitions. One crucial aspect is the link between the topology of the Fermi surface, the magnetic fluctuations and the nature of
the superconducting state near an electronic instability. In high Tc superconductors, we wish to study the persistence of the Nernst effect in the normal state. The question is whether Cooper pairs are preformed in the normal state or if it is an unusual property of what we call the "normal state"?

Profile :
Experimental physicist
Experience in electric and thermal transports.
Experience in high magnetic field is appreciated.

Applications (including a detailed CV) should be addressed to:

Cyril PROUST, Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Pulsés - Toulouse, 33 (0)5 62 17 28 61




2. Announcement, 1.4.2006

Vacancy notice

Forschungszentrum Rossendorf (FZR) invites applications for positions of PhD students, postdocs, and research associates in experimental condensed matter physics, starting from now on. Successful candidates will pursue vigorous research in a newly established international user facility, the Dresden High Magnetic Field Facility (HLD). This institute for experiments in pulsed high magnetic fields up to 100 Tesla is under construction at the FZR. Its pulsed magnets will be complemented by superconducting coils for dc fields up to 20 T. Besides many other experimental possibilities, as a unique opportunity infrared spectroscopy in the wavelength range between 5 and 150 µm will be possible in pulsed magnetic fields by connecting the pulsed field laboratory to the free-electron lasers of a new neighbouring superconducting linear electron accelerator. The HLD institute is supposed to resume operation in 2007.

Candidates with interest and experience in one or more of the following areas are invited.
• Methods and techniques of low temperature physics
• Measurement techniques of thermodynamic, electrical and magnetic material properties
• Resonant techniques (ESR or NMR)
• Optical spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy
• Ultrasound

The applicant should have a MS or equivalent Diploma degree (for PhD positions) and a PhD (for postdoc and research associate positions) in condensed matter physics. The salary will be on a German BAT/O scale, commensurate with age, family status, and experience. Women are especially encouraged to apply. Handicapped will be preferred at equal qualification. Applications under the registration-No. xx/2006, comprising a letter of interest, professional cv, and a list of publications should be sent by May 1, 2006 to

 Forschungszentrum Rossendorf
Personnel division
P.O. Box 51 01 19
01314 Dresden, Germany
For further information, please contact
Prof. J. Wosnitza, Tel.: +49 351 260 3524, Email:
or Dr. T. Herrmannsdörfer, Tel.: +49 351 260 3320, Email: t.herrmannsdoerfer@fzrossendorf.


1. Announcement, Jan. 4th. 2006:

CEA/Grenoble Postdoctoral Research Position Available (Experimental physics)

A postdoctoral position is foreseen starting in 2007 at the Service de Physique Statistique, Magnetisme et Supraconductivite (CEA/DRFMC, Grenoble, France) for an individual interested in understanding the physical properties of geometrically frustrated magnetic materials. The work will involve specific heat, positive muon spin relaxation and neutron scattering experimental techniques performed on single crystals down to at least 100 mK. Previous experience with at least one of this technique is desired. A short description of the group activities is available.  Send before 31st March 2006, application letter, resume and 3 letters of reference to
Alain Yaouanc,
CEA/DRFMC/SPSMS, 38054 Grenoble, France.
Alain Yaouanc e-mail: alain.yaouanc at
CEA Grenoble www:
DRFMC/SPSMS phone: +33 (0) 4 38 78 43 92
F-38054 Grenoble cedex 9,France Fax: +33 (0) 4 38 78 51 09



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