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The EU Japanese Conference in Lyon on Frustration in Condensed Matter:

The Dresden HFM meeting on Mobile Bosons and Fermions:

The Stockholm HFM meeting on material aspects:



The ESF Scientific Program Highly Frustrated Magnetism (HFM) is an open networking activity. It promotes:

  • Conferences and workshops, short and longer term visits to allow for a significant progress in the field.

  • Deadlines: applications for short term visit grants (max. 15 days) can be submitted anytime. Applications for longer exchange visit have a deadline twice per year.

  • The official HFM Webpage of the European Science Foundation (ESF) contains administrative details of our program. This page is the only way to submit proposals.



The group is the mediator between the ESF and our scientific community. The appropriate national contact persons can be chosen from the committee: (coordinates)

Belgium: S. Hoste, Croatia: A. Smontara, Estonia: R. Stern, France: P. Mendels (Chair), C. Lacroix, Germany: P. Lemmens, Israel: A. Keren, Slovakia: M. Orendác, Spain: B. Martinez, Switzerland: F. Mila, UK: S. T. Bramwell, and the following guest members from non-participating countries Hungary: K. Penc, Italy: P. Carretta. Poland: A. M. Oles.

HFM is financed by 11 member organisations of the ESF, drawn from 11 countries. It is expected to run for five years from 2005. If your country is not involved in the programme, this is not necessarily a bar to your participation.  However, non-participating countries are strongly encouraged to join the programme.  



Table of Activities and Topics:

The activities of the groups and other details are provided in tables. If you are interested to come into contact with HFM please respond to our LETTER OF INTENT and inform the respective member of the steering committee about your coordinates. (Here is a sample file).

In addition, important aspects of our work are summarized under TOPICS with referees given in brackets:
* Materials (M. Johnsson, P. Lemmens)
* Pyrochlores (A. Keren, St. Bramwell)
* Strong magnetic fields (R. Stern, F. Mila)
* Orbital degeneracies (A. Oles, C. Penc)
* Kagome (Ph. Mendels, A. Lauchli)
* 2D, triangular (P. Carretta, D. Poilblanc or F. Becca)
* low D (M. Orendac, D. Cabra)

This is an information on the ESF Program Highly Frustrated Magnetism.

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