Dates and Deadlines

Highly Frustrated Magnetism


         _____ 2010 _____

         _____ 2009 _____

  • Sept. 16.-18th., 2009, Topics in the Frustration of Pyrochlore Magnets, Consenors House, Abingdon, UK, contact Steve Bramwell or Sean Giblin [sean.giblin at].

  • Joint European - Japanese Conference on Frustration in Condensed Matter, 12.-15.5.2009, in Lyon, contact Peter Holdsworth, peter.holdsworth at

  • Steering Committee Meeting, LPEM, Paris, 9.1.-10.1.2009, contact Philippe Mendels, mendels at

         _____ 2008 _____

  • In September 2008 the international conference HFM-08 has taken place in Braunschweig as a successor of the meetings in Osaka (2006), Grenoble (2004) and Waterloo (2000). The next HFM will be situated in the USA in 2010.  

  • Workshop "Entanglement in Spin and Orbital Systems",
    19.-22.6.2008, Krakow.

  • March, 3rd - 5th, 2008: sixth Workshop on Materials for Frustrated Magnetism, Grenoble.  

         _____ 2007 _____

  • September 24th -28th, 2007: fifth Workshop on Disorder in Condensed Matter and Cold Atoms, Lorentz Center, Leiden. 
  • July 30th - August 17th, 2007: HFM-School at SISSA, Trieste, including basic/advanced lectures and a workshop.
  • Forth meeting of the steering comittee in Trieste on 6.8.2007.
  • 11.-13.1.2007: forth HFM-Workshop on Mobile Fermions and Bosons on Frustrated Lattices (summary) at MPI-PKS, Dresden.

         _____ 2006 _____

         _____ 2005 _____

  • 18.5.2005: First meeting of the HFM steering committee in Strasbourg.

  • 7.-9.11.2005: first HFM Workshop (summary) in Lalonde and second meeting of the steering committee.





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