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Highly Frustrated Magnetism


Our email and contact lists with links to the individual groups are separated into

Furthermore, we have certain inportant topics that bridge beteween these categories. We will try to increase cooperativity and initiate acitvities within the topics using focussed workshops. We invite the community to contribute with applications and ideas to these aims.

  • Materials and Preparation (M. Johnsson, P. Lemmens)

  • Pyrochlores (A. Keren, St. Bramwell)

  • Strong magnetic fields (R. Stern, F. Mila)

  • Orbital degeneracies (A. Oles, C. Penc)

  • Kagome (Ph. Mendels, A. Lauchli)

  • 2D, triangular (P. Carretta, D. Poilblanc or F. Becca)

  • low D (M. Orendac, D. Cabra)


This is an information on the ESF Programm Highly Frustrated Magnetism.

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