Our activities within the

International Graduate School of Metrology

P. Lemmens, IPKM, TU Braunschweig,
Management Board and PI of the
NMWK-financed School, inaugurated Oct. 2007


Research and Educational Program

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  • Summer school of Metrology in Burg Warberg, May 29-June 1st, 2012.


Research: Within the International Graduate School on Metrology we follow two approaches in nanoscaled/structured matter, measurement systems and sensing development:

  • Use, preparation and investigation of nanoporous matter as template material for nanoscale magnetic and electronically correlated systems.

Example of a self-prepared nano template of anodized alumina (H.-D. Yan, IPKM; SEM: F. Ludwig, EMG). The bar corresponds to 200nm. The pore size is approximately 50nm.

  • Tip-enhanced spectroscopies and nanooptics with metallic apertures to enhance the applicability of inelastic light scattering to molecular systems.

Education: There is a lecture program organized within the gradutate school. Furthermore additional lectures exist within our topical research and educational program:

  • Experimental Techniques in Solid State Physics (including aspects of experimental metrology, length and time scales of experiments, the measurement process, etc. see link) The lecture is available each winter term.

  • Scanning probe techniques (SPT) - Microscopies for the Nanoworld (including aspects of nanometrological systems and measurement processes, see link) The lecture is available each winter term.


Further Informations:

For further informations or applications to the School please contact the speaker of the Graduate School, Prof. Dr. M. Schilling, or other members of the management board. LINK



International Graduate School of Metrology



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