Projekte und Drittmittel

Projects and Third Party Funds



Resonance Phenomena in Twisted Light, flexible funds within EXC 2123


Propagation of Twisted Light through Media: New Possibilities for Information Transfer, flexible funds, FF026 within EXC 2123, with A. S. Surzhykov, A. A. Peshkov, and D. Wulferding

2019 EXC 2123 QuantumFrontiers - LUH-TUBS-PTB, Member since Jan. 2019, no permanant funding, speaker: K. Danzmann, A. Waag, P.O. Schmidt. Activities in Projects A1 and A2.

DFG: Functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles, IWAS project together with Dr. M. Tadele Alua

2017 - 2021 DFG: The chiral anomaly, screening and low energy electron dynamics of Weyl semimetals, TU-BS and CUNY, together with David Schmeltzer
2016 - 2021 Quanomet: Quantum- and Nanometrology, Junior Research Group in Optical Metrology and Spectroscopy with Dr. D. Wulferding, TU-BS, LUH and PTB
2014 - Laboratory for Emerging Nanometrology and Analytics, LENA, Carolo-Wilhelmina Research Centre, Speaker: A. Waag, IHT, TU-BS
2007 - 2023 Land Niedersachsen: Braunschweig International Graduate School of Metrology, B-IGSM, Principal Investigator and Stipendia for HDY and FC
2014 - 2016 AvH - Fellowship: Correlation effects in Topological Insulators,
for a  research stay and project of K.Y. Choi in our group,
contact: P. Lemmens (TU-BS)
2014 - 2018 DFG- RTG, 1953/1, Graduate School, NANOMET,
Metrology for Complex Nanosystems
, together with the PTB, Speaker M. Schilling (TU-BS)
2012 - 2015 German-Israel Research project (GIF) Magnetic Equivalence of the Isotope Effect in Cuprates, together with A. Keren (Technion, Haifa)
2012 - HBFG, Plasma-enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition for the preparation of novel nano materials, FUGG
2014 - 2017 Interaction, Control und Quantum Dynamics, Graduate School, Speaker: R. Haug, Univ. Hannover und W. Brenig, TU Braunschweig
2009 - 2013 Contacts in Nanosystems, Graduate School, Sprecher: R. Haug, Univ. Hannover und W. Brenig, TU Braunschweig
2008 - 2010 DFG: Magneto-capacitive coupling and hybridization effects in Spinels, joint project with V. Tsurkan (Chisinau, Moldova)  
2005 - 2010 ESF: Highly Frustrated Magnets, Principal Applicant and Member of the Steering Committee
2006 - 2010 DFG: Superconductivity in water intercalated NaxCoO2 y H20 thin films, joint application, with L. Alff (Darmstadt) and B. Keimer, H.-U. Habermeier (MPI-FKF Stuttgart)  
2007 - 2008 Vinnova, Designed Materials, PI Mats Johnsson, Univ. Stockholm, Sweden, title: Multiferroic Composites
2006 - 2008 DFG-SP1137: im DFG-Schwerpunkt "Molecular Magnetism", title: Lattice dynamics contribution to the magnetic properties of molecular magnets
2005 - 2010 ESF: Highly Frustrated Magnets, Principal Applicant and Member of the Steering Committee
2003 - 2005 DFG-SP1073: Collective quantum states in 1D transition metal compounds - Raman experiments and Chemistry of Low Dimensional Systems with Interrelated Charge, Spin and Orbital Degrees of Freedom
2002 - 2004 INTAS: Charge/Orbital/Spin Ordering on the Verge of Co3+ Spin State Transition in the Giant Magnetoresitive Cobaltites
2001 - 2003 NATO: Optical and Magnetic Properties of Compounds that Exhibit Complex Charge Ordering
2001 - 2003 DFG-SPP1073: Wechselspiel von Ladungsordnung und Spingap in niedrigdimensionalen Übergangsmetalloxiden
1998 - 2001 DFG/SFB314: Lichtstreuung an niedrigdimensionalen Kuprat und Übergangsmetalloxid-Systemen
1998 - 2001 DFG/SFB314: Präparation und Charakterisierung von HTSL und strukturell verw. Verbindungen
1998 Forschungsstipendium des "Japanese Venture Business Laboratory" (VBL)
1998 - 2000 BMBF: Metalloxid-Barrieren: Zwischenschichtkopplung und mögl. Anwend. in der Magnetosensorik (PI G. Güntherodt)
1997 - 2000 INTAS: Influence of Phase Separation of Spins and Holes on the Phonon and Magnon Spectra in HTSC and Parent Compounds
1994 - 1998 BMBF: Optische Spektroskopie an neuen stark korrelierten Elektronensystemen (PI G. Güntherodt)
1995 - 1997 DFG/SFB314: Raman- und Tunnelspektroskopie and Hochtemperatur-Supraleitern
1992 - 1993 Forschungsstipendium der "Japanese Soc. for the Promotion of Science" (JSPS)
1989 - 1992 BMBF13N5487/S: Grundlagen zur Technologie von Hochtemperatur- Supraleitern (PI S. Ewert)
1986 - 1988 DFG/SFB125: Magnetische Momente und Unordnungsphänomene in Metallen (PI S. Ewert)





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