Spring Meeting 2007 in Regensburg

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Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e. V. (DPG)

TT13 Symposium   Tu, H18. 14.00-17.30
"Superconductivity and Magnetism in Lamellar Cobaltates"
Organization: I. Eremin (MPI for Physics of Complex Systems (Dresden) & TU Braunschweig),
P. Lemmens (TU Braunschweig), C. T. Lin (MPI for Solid State Research (Stuttgart))


TT 2.5 Vortrag Mo 10:30 H19
High pressure quantum phase transition in the weakly coupled spin cluster system Cu2Te2O5Br2

Hans-Henning Klauss, Christopher Mennerich, Hemke Maeter, Hannes Kühne, Peter Lemmens, Jochen Litterst, Hubertus Luetkens, Alex Amato, Rie Takagi, and Mats Johnsson

TT 20.25 Poster A Wed 14:00  
Magnetic properties and evidence for lattice instabilities of the frustrated 2D s=1/2 systems (CuCl)LaNb2O7 and (CuBr)LaNb2O7.

• Patric Scheib, Vladimir Gnezdilov, Peter Lemmens, Yuri Georgii Pashkevich, Kazuyoshi Yoshimura, Yoshitami Ajiro, Taro Kitano, and Hiroshi Kageyama

TT 20.48 Poster A Wed 14:00  
Electronic Raman scattering and phonon anomalies in NaxCoO2.

Vladimir Gnezdilov, Patric Scheib, Peter Lemmens, Fangcheng Chou, Lambert Alff, Yoshiharu Krockenberger, Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier, Chengtian Lin, and Bernhard Keimer

TT 21.11 Poster A Wed 14:00  
Magnetic and spectroscopic investigations of SmCr3(BO3)4

Patric Scheib, Elena Popova, Alexander N. Vasiliev, I. Gugim, L. N. Bezmaternykh, Dirk Menzel, Joachim Schoenes, and Peter Lemmens

TT 21.12 Poster A Wed 14:00  
Spectroscopic and thermodynamic characterization of epitaxially grown La1−xCaxMnO3 films

Alexander Hirsch, Dirk Menzel, Ana Maria Racu, Patric Scheib, StefanWeber, Peter Lemmens, Joachim Schoenes, Wolfram Brenig, and Meinhard Schilling

TT 21.16 Poster A Wed 14:00  
Thermally and Optically Switched Spin States in [Fe(pmd)(H2O){Au(CN)2}2] · H2O. A revised phase diagram

Vladimir Gnezdilov, Peter Lemmens, Patric Scheib, Yuri Georgii Pashkevich, Karina V. Lamonova, Elena S. Zhitlukhina, Jose A. Real, and Virgine Niel