Spring Meeting 2012 in Berlin

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Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e. V. (DPG)

MA 3.5, Mo, 10:3010:45, EB 202, Coherent Manipulation of Electron Spins in a {Cu3} Spin Triangle Complex,
Choi K.-Y., Kumar P., Lemmens P., Bassil B. S., Kortz U., Nojiri H., Wang Z. X., Tol J. van, and Dalal N. S

Molecular magnets have been proposed as a promising candidate for spin-based qubits. As a test bed toward scalable qubits, we explore the isosceles antiferromagnetic spin triangle {Cu3-X} (X=As, Sb) impregnated in free standing nanoporous silicon. By using 240 GHz microwave pulses Rabi oscillations were observed and a spin memory time was measured to be T2=1066 ns at 1.5 K. This demonstrates that this hybrid material provides a promising scheme for implementing spin-based quantum gates. Comparing samples with different symmetries and environments we give evidence that spin chirality is the main decoherence source of spin triangle molecules unlike other molecular magnets. Acknowledgement: DFG and NTH

O 35.26 Tue 18:15, Coupling of plasmons to molecular excitons, H.-D. Yan, et al.,  

Separation of iron spin states in chalcogenide superconductors, V. Gnezdilov, et al., TT 23.1 Wed 9:30 H 2053

TT 25.7 Wed 11:00 H 3010, Tuning the spin dynamics of kagome systems, D. Wulferding, et al.,

O 37.13 Wed 12:45 EB 301, Collision dominated scattering in 3D topological insulators, P. Lemmens, et al.,  

TT 49.2 Fri 9:45 H 3005, Spin and lattice dynamics in the low-dimensional quantum magnet (NO)Cu(NO3)3, V. Gnezdilov, et al.,

TT 49.6 Fri 11:00 H 3005, Comparative study of spin orbit dominated iridates, F. Cetin, et al.,

DS 44.50 Fri 9:30, Organophosphonate monolayer functionalization of planar and nano-porous aluminum oxide, A. Pathak, et al.,