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  Peter Lemmens

Institute for Condensed Matter Physics
Institut für Physik der Kondensierten Materie

Laboratory for Emerging Nanometrology (LENA)

TU Braunschweig, Mendelssohnsstr. 3,
Braunschweig, Germany

Tel:  +49 (0)531 391 5130
Fax: +49 (0)531 391 5155

p.lemmens at tu-bs.de



.. after 30 Years in Solid State Physics

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Our work relates to materials and nanosystems that show an interplay of photons with electronic correlations, topological effects, and metrological aspects. 

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Fractionalized modes: The Kiteav model with anisotropic exchange on a honeycomb-like lattice predicts the existence of topological excitations with fractionalized quantum statistics. Such modes have recently been predicted and now observed experimentally in quasi-3D coordinated Iridium oxides, see Nature Commun., (2016).


Mercury a serious health thread ... can be detected using Ag nanoparticles with a turn on ultrasensitive fluorescence sensor and a linear regime from 0 to 1 ppb, P. K. Sarkar, et al., ACS Sensors (2016). 


Plexcitons in a periodic structure... periodic arrays of plasmonic Au wires in proximity to a dye shows strong coupling to molecular excitons. Such plexcitons can be modelled in some microscopic approach using a Zubarev Green's function method following the work of Manjavacas et al.., preprint by Liu Bo, et al. (2016). 


The Dance of DNA... Although many forms of dynamical behaviour of proteins under allosteric interactions with effectors are predicted, little evidence of dynamics in the interaction has been reported. Here, we demonstrate the ultrafast dynamics of the allosteric interaction of the Gal repressor (GalR) protein dimer with DNA operator sequences using time resolved optics , see S. Choudhury, et al. ChemBioChem (2016)




  Group members:   (former members) 

 Group members: Room / Tel. - Lab. / Tel. - Email:

Prof. Dr. Peter Lemmens
204 / (0531) 391-5130
(0531) 391-5110
p.lemmens - at - tu-bs.de

Principal Investigator 


Dr. Dirk Wulferding
Quanomet - Nachwuchsgruppenleiter

113 / (0531) 391-5131
dirk.wulferding - at - tu-bs.de

Optical Metrology

Raman scattering - Scanning Probes

Project: Quanomet, DFG


Dr. Vladimir Gnezdilov
113 / (0531) 391-5108
(0531) 391-7969
v.gnezdilov - at - tu-bs.de


Inelastic Light Scattering
Quantum Spin Systems and Molecular Magnets

Project: DFG


Bo Liu
113 / (0531) 391-5131
(0531) 391-5110

- at - tu-bs.de

Nano- and Mesoporous Templates
Plasmonic Arrays


Silvia Müllner
113 / (0531) 391-5131
(0531) 391-5110

Weyl and Dirac metals


YoungSu Choi
115 / (0531) 391-5133
(0531) 391-7986

Doped Kitaev systems

Chung-Ang University
221 Huksuk-Dong, Dongjak-Gu
Seoul 156-756, Republic of Korea

Long term and frequent visitors:

Prof. Dr. David Schmeltzer
115 / (0531) 391-5108
(0531) 391-5110
dschmeltzer at ccny.cuny.edu

Prof. at CCNY, New York, USA

Quantum Field Theories of Topological Materials and the chiral anomaly in Weyl semimetals

Project: DFG
- Weyl semimetal


Prof. Dr. Kwang-Yong Choi
115 / (0531) 391-5108
(0531) 391-5110
kchoi - at - cau.ac.kr

Prof. at Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

Correlated Electron Systems and Multiferroics 

Project: AvH and DFG


Dr. Hongdan Yan
115 / (0531) 391-5133
(0531) 391-7986
- at - tu-bs.de

Nano- and Mesoporous Templates
Functionalization of Anodized Alumina (AAO)
Electrochemical Growth of Nano Wires/Dots
Project: IGSM and NTH


Dr. Oleksandr Glamazda
Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea
115 / (0531) 391-5108
(0531) 391-5110

Correlated Electron Systems
Project: DFG, Humboldt


Prof. Dr. Samir Kumar Pal
115 / 391-5117
skpal at bose.res.in

S.N. Bose Nat. Center for Basic Science, Kolkata, India

Macromolecular, Nanoscience
and time resolved spectroscopies


Prof. Dr. Yurii Pashkevich
/ (0531) 391-5121

Prof. at O.O. Galkin, DIPE, NAS Ukraine

, Band structure calculations


Prof. Dr. Zhenya Sherman
/ (0531) 391-5117
evgeny_sherman - at - ehu.es

Ikerbasque Research Professor
Dpto. de Química-Física
Univ. del País Vasco, UPV/EHU
48080 Bilbao, Spain
Spin-Orbit coupling, Dissipation in CES



  Research Projects:

   Research Topics - complete funding list, CV


DFG - The chiral anomaly, screening and low energy electron dynamics of Weyl semimetals,
TU-BS and CUNY, together with David Schmeltzer (2017-2019)


Quanomet - Quantum- and Nanometrology

TU-BS, LUH, PTB Initiative, (2016-2021)


Metrology for Complex Nanosystems - NANOMET
DFG-RTG 1952, Graduate School, Speaker: M. Schilling, TU-BS

Part of the Metrology Initiative Braunschweig (2014-2017)

(d) Interactions, Control and Quantum Dynamics (NMWK-supported, Graduate school, 2014-2018)
(e) German-Israel Research Foundation (GIF)
Magnetic Equivalence of the Isotope Effect in Cuprates
together with A. Keren, Technion, Haifa, Israel
Laboratory for Emerging Nanometrology Braunschweig
Principal Applicant, Speaker: A. Waag (2014-2017)

Part of the Metrology Initiative Braunschweig

(g) Intern. Graduate School on Metrology

Member of the Management Board and Principal Applicant
(NMWK-supported, inaugurated Oct. 2007)
Part of the Metrology Initiative Braunschweig

(h) Plasma-enhanced ALD of Nanocontact and Energy Conversion Systems (HBFG funding, 2013-2014)
(i) Ferrum - Functional Iron (NTH, 2013-2014) and LU Hannover (2016)

NTH-Project and Preproposal for a DFG Graduation School,
Associated Member. Contact: F. Renz



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